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Michigan Governments Save Big With Propane

Based in Boyne City, Charlevoix County Public Transit runs their fleet of vehicles on propane. Ryan Novotny runs the operation.

“I made the decision to go with propane fueled vehicles because it’s tax payer money. Any chance we can save money is a good deal for everyone. We save over a dollar a gallon with propane. We put over 5,000 miles on a bus per month. If you have ten propane buses, that is considerable savings right there.”

They provide 100,000 rides annually. Charlevoix was able to put more money towards additional areas within the county.

The transit provides transportation throughout all of Charlevoix County. They specialize in demand response, and provide medical trips to local and out-of-county hospitals as well as care facilities.

They are proud to be running their fleet on propane. On their website 
they state:

“We are currently converting our fleet to propane; reducing our carbon footprint and helping the beauty of this area last.”

“With the cost savings, we can run more transit buses to help the county out. It’s a win for everyone around.

”The fleet has grown to 10 propane fueled engines. They are seeing cost savings of more than $4,000 per month.