Why Michigan Runs on Propane

Michigan Fleet Managers That Switched To Propane Vehicles Love It!

Propane Vehicles Do Not Need Government Subsidies

Representative Barrett talks about the fifty propane vehicles operating in his region and the return on investment is so strong they don’t need any subsidies.

Want Less Maintenance Costs on Your Vehicles?

Stanford’s Propane worked with the local transit fleet to convert to propane powered buses. Propane vehicle engines are less dirty and run long on oil changes.

Saving Schools Thousands of Dollars​

ABC has one of the largest fleet of propane-fueled school buses in Michigan and even in the Midwest. With over 220 buses, they transport over 8,000 school children throughout Detroit. The cost savings from fuel and maintenance costs alone made it a sound business decision.

Switching to Propane can Save on....

Propane autogas provides reliable performance without the additional maintenance expenses demanded by diesel. New, lower-emissions diesel technology requires diesel emissions fluid to purchase, store, and change — plus diesel particulate filters.
In the long run, propane autogas delivers superior performance to conventional fuels for each dollar invested. And when you take advantage of potential government incentives and a fuel contract, the payback period is even shorter.
The best infrastructure option for your fleet depends on its size, routes, and refueling timing. Your local propane provider can help you select the right option for your situation.

Propane Fuel Adds Engine Life to Your Fleet Vehicles

Hear what an Eaton County’s chief mechanic of ETRAN and a public safety commissioner say about the significant savings of using propane fueled vehicles.


How Cheap and Easy it is to Convert to Propane?

Stanford’s Propane explores options for alternative fuel and finds the clean-burning propane to be most efficient.

Eaton County Transit Authority Saves Time and Money with Propane

The propane conversion is easy and it’s easy to do in-house saving both money and time.

Michigan Propane Gas Association

The MPGA is a trade and membership service organization

that represents propane marketers throughout the state.


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