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What You Missed During the Propane Workshop

Going Green and Saving Millions

Our Panel of experts discussed the three phases of deciding and building a propane vehicle fleet

Propane Fleet Workshop Take Away

Saving Millions and Going Green” 

  • Early Stage: should I convert my fleet to propane?
    At this early stage, MPGA’s vehicle team can bring our propane demonstration truck to your fleet office. We can also arrange for you to visit an existing propane fleet in your neighborhood. You will see and hear what fleet owners/managers say about their experience with propane. In the meantime, check out www.MiAutogas.com/testimonials.

    We can also arrange for you and your mechanics to visit a propane conversion supplier to learn how gas vehicles are converted to propane.

    Finally, remember that propane vehicles pay for themselves compared to gas or electric trucks. The great news is the rebates, grants, and tax breaks you can get when converting your fleet to propane. 

  • Mid-Stage: how do I slowly scale up my propane fleet?
    In this early stage, fleet managers often purchase a few propane vehicles to let everyone in their company check them out. That includes drivers, mechanics, and, in some cases, the passengers. The results will put a smile on your face:) In this stage, you’ll choose a propane conversion company that meets your needs. Your rigs can be fueled up at your local public propane station during this early stage. Michigan has over 60 of these public stations. Or your local propane retailer can drop off a self-contained pump and tank. More on fuel stations will be discussed in the next phase.

    Propane fleet vehicles can be bought from the factory or converted by several Midwest-based after-market companies. It is estimated Michigan has 30,000 propane fleet vehicles on the road. Learn about propane conversion centers and propane truck grants Here.

    Fleet vehicles can be fueled solely on propane or have a dual-fuel system that allows the driver to switch back and forth between propane and gasoline. Tip: If your fleet is gasoline-powered, you can convert the vehicles to a bi-fuel system. If your fleet is diesel-powered, you must purchase a dedicated propane engine. 

  • Final Stage: I’m now ready to save money and have clean running vehicles:
    Now that you have decided to scale up your fleet, it’s a good time to decide on fueling it. The most popular choice is buying an on-site pump facility or having your propane fuel supplier provide one. A standard private station is ideal for a fleet of less than 50 vehicles, but an advanced private station is best for 50+ fleet vehicles. Contact your local supplier to find the best option for your fleet. 

    Also, this is the time to alert the local news media that your fleet is going green and saving money. The public loves here about clean-running propane vehicles. 

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